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Evolution Program


Program Description

The investment objective of the Tiber Evolution program is to seek capital appreciation over the medium to long term.

The Evolution program pursues an opportunist approach within the alternative investment strategies space. The strategy is Medium/long-term market-neutral, but can take directional views over the short term.

The Evolution program invests globally across a wide range of asset classes, including certificates, fixed income, equities, futures, options, currencies, and commodities, and may take both long and short positions in each of the asset classes and individual instruments.

The Evolution program has the flexibility to shift its allocation across asset classes and markets around the world, based on their relative attractiveness. The Evolution program’s exposure to debt instruments may be gained through the use of derivatives. The Evolution program may also invest in other assets including collective investment schemes, money market instruments, cash, and near cash deposits, other transferable securities and derivatives.


The key factors of Tiber’s Evolution Program are:

Global Exposure

Global mandate, investing in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific

Low Volatility

Investing in products with a low risk and volatility

Risk Management

Rigorous Risk Control Procedures

Market Neutral in the Long Term

Ability to go both long and short, the Fund is highly flexible and has the potential to profit from rising and falling markets


How it Works

Quantitative methods are employed to control all aspects of trading.
Strategy development, portfolio construction, risk control, and execution are all managed by systematic processes.
As a result, the trading will be uncorrelated with all major performance indices.

Full Fact Sheet

Click below to download the full breakdown of Tiber Capital’s financial strategy overview for the Evolution program.


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